Welcome to the Bangalore Astronomical Society. We are a group of volunteers working for the promotion of astronomy as a hobby as well as a science in and around Bangalore, India.

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Our primary channel of communication is our very active Google Group. This website is rarely updated. The Google Group is the place where most of the astronomy discussion happens. Feel free to post your questions about the universe, astronomy, telescopes, star-gazing, observing, astrophotography etc.

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2020: Astronomy Webinars!

A lot of us are ending up without much to do at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep the spirit of astronomy alive in these difficult times, BAS is organizing a series of online webinars with a regular cadence, almost every Sunday! Talks are recorded and uploaded on our YouTube channel.

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If you are interested in attending these sessions live, check our Google Group for notifications and details on how to join! They are free and no registration is necessary.

Observing programs

BAS has announced a certificate program for visual observers. Observe 55 of the Messier objects to earn a certificate!

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You may download logbooks designed specifically for BAS certifications for free. See the Logbook project for more details. Choose the A4 size to get the logbooks designed for BAS.

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Call for volunteers

BAS needs your help to grow! We are always looking for volunteers to help with various activities.

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BAS conducted an outreach session in Gokarna

(April 2017) BAS conducted an outreach session in a Government high school in Gokarna.

BAS conducted an outreach session at IIM Bangalore

(April 2017) BAS conducted an outreach session for the faculty of IIM Bangalore and their family. The crowd consisted of Professors of IIMB, their spouses as well as their kids, spanning a very wide range in age as well as knowledge of the sky.

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Bangalorean wins accolades at Texas Star Party

(June 2014) Young Bangalorean Santhosh Surendra attended the Texas Star Party 2014 held at the Prude Ranch, Texas, USA. He was the farthest attendee and won an award for his sketch of lunar craters, and also earned two observing pins for his deep-sky observations. BAS volunteers are proud to have mentored him at the astronomy workshop at Coorg. Six months after his first experience observing under dark skies at Coorg, he was already ready to observe from some of the darkest skies in the world.

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BAS conducted an astronomy workshop at Coorg

(December 2013) BAS conducted an astronomy workshop under the dark skies of Coorg. About 50 people observed and photographed the sky through about 25 telescopes! The trip produced some very good astrophotographs and some very deep observations, probably for the first time ever from Indian soil!

See the video time-lapse made by Subhankar Saha!

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