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Brief bio

In short, I'm a software engineer by day and amateur astronomer by night. I am in my 30s and presently live in the bay area in California.

I got a PhD in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin. I was advised by Phil Morrison and co-advised by Mark Raizen. My thesis was on theoretical and experimental aspects of Brownian Motion in Liquids. I was very fortunate to work both on theoretical and experimental aspects of the same problem, picking up a diverse set of skills in the process. My publications are listed on Google Scholar. Despite specializing in my PhD, I like to think of myself as someone who is reasonably competent in many things, rather than a specialist that has a very specific field of immense expertise. I currently work as a software engineer with a focus on applying machine learning techniques to real-world product use-cases.

In my personal time, I have fun doing astronomy as a hobby, tinker around with Linux machines, learn some math, go hiking / car camping / road tripping / photographing, build small DIY things, write code (occasionally, although more so in 2020), process old photos, and work out.

Some links of interest

You may contact me at akarsh at kde dot org

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